Rasa Gemstones ~ Gem Therapy

Rasa Gemstones ~ Gem Therapy

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Rasa Gemstones - Gem Therapy

Self-Paced Online Course

25 Homeopathic Gem Remedies

Gemstone therapy is a treasure trove of positivity and wellness.  Learn how gemstone remedies can help you find happiness, bring inspiration to your life and help you improve your well-being. 

Take Away Information on Rasa Gemstones:

  • how to make and graft a gemstone remedy
  • gemstone support for your health - based on the day of the week you were born
  • get acquainted with 25 gemstone remedies you may never have known about
  • learn the how, why, and when to choose, dose, and treat using gemstones in homeopathic potency
  • facts that will help you obtain better health and radiate a different frequency
  • a digital gem reference guide covering all 25 gem remedies (PDF)
  • access to purchase a gemstone therapy kit

Everything you need to complete this class can be found on the class page through your account on our website. ​Included on the class page is the recording & slides/handouts from the class session (September 2022). 

    Once you have completed your purchase here, we will check to see if already have a student account on our website. If you do not already have a student account, we will create one for you and send you an activation link via email so that you can get started. If you already have a student account on our website, we will notify you via email when we have added the class to your account.

    Anyone can take this class. This class is required for the Integrative Homeopathy (I. Hom.) Certification Program.

    Please Note: If you are interested in applying to become a student with us, you can apply here.  More information related to our certification programs can be found here

    ​~ The information within is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is for educational purposes / support. ~​​​

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    What's Being Said About This Class:

    "The class went great!!! So much amazing information for us and future students!!! Thank you!!"
    ~ Cindy (Lotus Student)

    ​"Immense pleasure attending the Rasa class, as mentioned it made us dive inside the pile of gems to find ourselves.  Thank you so much for teaching your gained wisdom and as said WISDOM is more precious than Ruby."
    ~ Hema (Lotus Student)