Homeopathy 103 (H-103)

Homeopathy 103 (H-103)

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Homeopathy 103 (H-103) - "Homeopathy for Your Family" 
Self-Paced Online Course

Taught By: Judith Toscano, C. Hom.

Course Prerequisites: 
  • Homeopathy 101 (or "Homeopathy Made Simple") - Top 50 Remedies and Cell Salts Demystified
  • Homeopathy 102 (or "More Homeopathy") - How to Graft and Make a Homeopathic Remedy from Scratch, Chronic and Constitutional Prescribing, Kalachakra Astrological Influences.
Required Books: (available for purchase on our online store)
  • Nature’s Materia Medica - 4th Edition (by Robin Murphy, ND)
  • MetaRepertory -  4th Edition (by Robin Murphy, ND)
Topics in this Series Include:
  • Review of homeopathic principles and practices intertwined with new materials.
  • Practicing homeopathy successfully in your home and beyond. 
  • Overview of Materia Medica and MetaRepertory - information gathering.
  • Epidemics Remedies for measles, mumps, chickenpox, whooping cough, etc.
  • Remedy suggestions for allergies (seasonal and food), colds, flu, urinary tract infections, earaches, herpes simplex, insomnia for both kids and parents, pink eye, styes, ringworm, sore throats - strep and tonsillitis and acne. 

Easy to read smart charts are used to organize keynotes of remedies and differentials of diseases. Homeopathic systematic approaches and protocols will be discussed for ADD and ADHD. Treating pets and animals with homeopathy is also covered. 

Everything you need to complete Homeopathy 103 can be found on the class page through your student account on our website. This online course was built so that you can start at the top and work your way through at your own pace!

​Included are the recordings and handouts from previous class sessions. There are 4 classes in the course, each class has one video recording and the handouts associated with that class.  PDFs of the PowerPoint presentations are provided in 2 formats so you may choose the one that best suits you personal notetaking needs. 

Once you have completed your purchase here, we will check to see if you already have a student account on our website. If you do not already have a student account, we will create one for you and send you an activation link via email so that you can get started. If you already have a student account on our website, we will notify you via email when we have added the course to your account.

This class is required for the following certification programs: Home Use Homeopathy (H. Hom.); Integrative Homeopathy (I. Hom.); Clinical Homeopathy (C. Hom.) Online Program

Please Note: If you have applied and been accepted into one of our homeopathic certification programs, please contact us prior to your purchase for a special discount code. If you are interested in applying to become a student with us, you can find our online application in the programs / certifications section of our store.

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